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Gambling Compliance Consultancy

Our Expertise

We are the only organisation worldwide that delivers training and consultancy from not only a Law Enforcement, Clinical Specialist and Regulators perspective but also from the mind of a criminal. This is due the fact that several of our consultant have worked in an accredited covert capacity portraying many roles within Counter Terrorism and the prevention of Financial Crime

More than ever before, current legislation and regulation places the emphasis of tackling and identifying potential financial crime and Problem Gambling within businesses on every single member of staff NOT solely the compliance teams. Current legislation governing all regulated sector businesses requires all staff to undergo training to enhance Problem Gambling and Financial Crime Awareness.

Our Ethos

At AMLGS we are dedicated to empowering organisations as a whole within the financial and gambling sector with a high level of Problem Gambling and Financial Crime awareness. We know that this awareness increases business efficiency and optimises regulatory compliance

Through our services we give staff and management the confidence and equip them with the tools to make proactive decisions around Problem Gambling, Customer Interactions, potential money laundering, financial crime, regulatory, social responsibility and other complex compliance issues. Within the gambling sector we also strive to help protect customers from both financial crime and problem gambling as we see that there is common link between the two.

Our Team

AMLGS comprises of AML experts and Gambling Clinical Specialists with over 60 years of combined experience within Gambling Therapy, UK Law Enforcement, Banking, Gambling Industries and relevant Regulators.

Over the years our experts have worked closely with FATF, UKGC and the FCA to provide training, workshops, consultancy and process guidance to the regulated sector.

What makes AMLGS unique is that it uses its distinctive multi-layered perspective to enhance organisational capability to combat financial crime and Problem Gambling. Having experts who have worked in accredited covert Law Enforcement roles portraying the guise of money launderers and terrorist financers, Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling Experts, those who have worked within the regulating bodies and associated firms themselves allows AMLGS to deliver our services in a way that no one else can.

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